Writing about characters different race

Because you have the imagination and understanding to do so? YouTube I think would be the best possible way because on YouTube if you're looking through religions, and stuff like that. And even if by some great luck I can competently do this, do I have the right to do it? That's my background on it.

It can often feel like a low-level but ever present source of stress. Our society is not hostile to white people. Alex: Again, so many interesting complex topics here. But, just looking at it from an author perspective, like the fun of writing is coming up with conflicts and resolving those conflicts, and diving into the experiences of interacting with different races and different sexual orientations, and stuff like that.

There's a generation behind us, the millennials. How have you come up against these political hot potatoes in your career talking about this?

If you have instead written stereotyped caricatures then critiquing your book is going to be even harder work.

writing poc in fantasy

And I thought the way to tell those stories would be to become an actor. In the United States, I've been noticing just so many more bisexual characters ending up on television shows. Hi, Alex.

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Can White Authors Write Characters of Color?