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You want them to give you the best possible introduction without totally blowing smoke up the tail pipe of whoever is reading it. Make sure they count.

How to write a reference letter for a friend

So what do you need to do? More information than you ever thought possible for letters of recommendation. The more information you have about what sort of work they want to do and how the letter will be used, the more effective you can make your letter. Measurable Data And speaking of boosting sales 10 percent, that's the kind of information you want to provide — "10 percent" is better than just "boosted sales. Leia is a delight to work with — a team player with a positive, can-do attitude all the way. Be sure to modify this reference letter template with specific examples from your experience with that person. Always provide plenty of lead time and follow up with gentle reminders, but try not to be annoying or put too much pressure on the individual writing the letter. You might remember that he spearheaded a project that boosted sales 10 percent, but in fact, that was his cubicle-mate.

Try to tell a story that makes the potential employer feel like they are getting to know the candidate better. It's better just to say no.

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Skywalker, I am writing to recommend Leia Thompson. Be flexible. She was the first to take advantage of the knowledge these meetups offered and implemented it in her own work.

No matter how much you want to help your current or former co-worker, recommending them when you're not enthusiastic about their skills won't help them. That was his project. If you're in this position, learn how to decline a request for using this reference graciously. It is a formal document, and should be typed and written in a serious and business-like style.

So if they don't specifically ask you to tailor the letter to a specific skills set, don't do it.

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Although you want to keep your LinkedIn recommendation short, make sure you include an example or two that demonstrates the candidate has the abilities or traits you mention. What to Include in Your Letter of Recommendation Make sure your letter contains the following: Accurate Information No lies, no tall tales, no cases of mistaken identity.

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Letter of Recommendation Samples & Templates for Employment