Writing a lede exercise

Monday to investigate a two-vehicle accident. She found smoke pouring from a kitchen window and called the fire department. A bank official said Westhaver had been employed at the bank for 29 years.

The debate was sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Updated May 30, Every semester I give students a news writing exercise from my book about a doctor who is giving a speech about fad diets and physical fitness to a group of local businesspeople.

Her three children are grown and live out of town. The wording demonstrates an understanding of the reader already a fitness person and pressed for time. Monday to investigate a two-vehicle accident. Doctors, however, never diagnosed the cause.

Witnesses told police that a truck in which the injured persons were riding was heading west on University. Use definitive statements, says AnnGynn.

anecdotal lead example

Republican candidate Mack Abraham said he would try to accomplish three things if elected: 1 He would add new businesses to Marketplace Mall; 2 He would crack down on drinking by university students in Campustown; 3 he would streamline council meetings.

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In Class Lead Writing Exercise