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As always, the Bible. Each member of the family should see it on a daily basis. Therefore, we believe mothers are the primary people who execute the vital responsibilities of loving, nurturing, and mentoring children. The family mission statement is a simple way to articulate what your family does right. How do we ensure that in today's ever-changing world they understand some beliefs are timeless? We believe the local church should be a home for single parents, providing their children with godly people who serve as role models in place of the missing parent. Unquestionably, this document attempts to face critical cultural issues. We believe he uses the various aspects of the culture to promote personal independence, distort the differences between men and women, confuse their roles, and elevate personal rights over marital responsibilities. Some family manifestos list words, then briefly define what these values mean to the family. John , , ; Ephesians Commitment In recognition of and in full agreement with these biblical principles regarding marriage and the family, I, by the grace of God, commit myself to adhere to, practice, and teach what God has made clear are my responsibilities within His design of marriage and the family. The Declaration of Independence is a manifesto. Titus ; 1 Thessalonians ; Proverbs , ; Deuteronomy , ; Ezekiel Children We believe children are the gifts of God and should be received and treated as such. Write all that down. John ,12, ; 1 John ; Ephesians ; Colossians ; Hebrews Holy Spirit We believe God the Holy Spirit is the agent and teacher of a godly marriage and family.

Still, other family manifestos are more freeform—essentially collages of words and phrases representing values, inside jokes, key beliefs, important family activities, and anything else that is meaningful to the family.

We believe He is the only way to know God the Father and to experience His plan for marriage and family. We believe the greatest way a mother can love her children is to love their father.

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It is at home that children see manhood and womanhood modeled. Covey and his wife asked their kids a series of questions, including "What makes you want to come home? Some family manifestos list words, then briefly define what these values mean to the family.

The words in this case, your manifesto created the world your initiative. Therefore, we are committed to exhorting families to support the local church through their involvement.

It might be a simple as writing the statement on a flip chart paper and hanging it in a conference room; emailing it to project team members; or putting it at the top of all your planning documents. Therefore, we are committed to challenging any person or couple to rearrange their priorities so that over the course of a lifetime they can be successful at home and not merely successful in their careers.

We are committed to communicating biblical truth in order to strengthen and give direction to a marriage and family.

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Why is publicizing important? First, a clear ideal.

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How to Foster a Sense of Belonging with a Family Manifesto