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The former had a special exhibition, Witness To War: Rememberingas well as its th anniversary celebrations. It weighs kilograms and took over three months to make. History[ edit ] Officially opened on 20 January[2] [3] SAM is one of the first art museums with international-standard museum facilities and programmes in Southeast Asia.

An MCCY spokesman noted that larger infrastructure projects in such as National Gallery Singapore and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, which would have required bigger donor contributions, might have impacted giving in subsequent years.

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Low Chuck Tiew, a retired banker and prominent art collector, served as museum adviser, along with Shirley Loo-Lim, Deputy Director of the National Museum of Singapore as vice-chairman of the board. The piece, which was part of an exhibition organised by the National Arts Council infeatured homoerotic content.

National Gallery Singapore drew 1. She recalled being impressed by exhibitions such as Century Of Light and Witness To War, especially their multimedia and interactive elements. With increased efforts in international publicity by the STB in the coming years, local museums are set to welcome even more overseas visitors.

In his opening speech he envisioned the new museum, along with the other four museums in the Arts and Heritage District and the Arts Centre, aiding Singapore in reprising its historic role as a centre of entrepot trade for the arts, culture, civilisation and ideas to the people in the Asian region and the rest of the world.

Of the tourists, Britons constituted the bulk of museum visitors followed by Australians, Americans, Indians and Filipinos. The museum board was tasked to acquire works of art by notable painters from Southeast Asia and East Asia, and by upcoming artists from these regions.

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Singapore Art Museum