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An application for unspecified credit towards the elective component of the Juris Doctor and courses in the Legal Studies program on the basis of having completed a core law subject at another university will not be approved, irrespective of if the law subject completed at another university was insufficient to warrant exemption from a UTS core law subject.

You may be eligible to gain exemptions on introductory core subjects to help you accelerate your course and advance your skills, or perhaps head into more strategic management roles with one of our Management or MBA programs.

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The purchase of textbooks and other course materials may also result in additional costs. Applied experience subjects are not typically considered for credit i. In addition to everything you would expect from a leading university of technology, we supply you with hour access throughout the campus to award-winning individual and group learning spaces that mean you can choose where, and when, to work on your projects.

Make sure you know the criteria for each scholarship, and attitude of the committee which awards it. Admission requirements Applicants must have completed a UTS recognised bachelor's degree, or an equivalent or higher qualification, or submitted other evidence of general and professional qualifications that demonstrates potential to pursue graduate research studies.

Talk to us Come along to an Information Eveningfill out our information request form or give us a call on 02 to talk through your options with us. An exemption from an elective at the other university is not granted for the UTS core legal theory subject.

Course completion requirements. For further information on the research thesis, see here. The reasons for postgraduate study are as diverse as our students but include: Career progression Perhaps you already have a recent undergraduate degree in the field.

As part of this course, students must also complete the subject Higher Degree Research Seminar.

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Tuition fee calculations Tuition fees and RTS load for postgraduate research degrees are charged pro-rata based on the number of days a student is enrolled in each research degree semester and whether the student is enrolled after the research census date. There is an art to drafting these and you should seek as much feedback as possible before submitting your application. Tuition fees must be paid in advance each session and are subject to annual increase. This may allow you more successfully to position yourself for further postgraduate studies overseas, and attain scholarships funding and other elite opportunities. An additional year of study is not required. Core subjects Applications for RPL of a core subject in the Juris Doctor or Legal Studies: are assessed to ensure coverage of academic areas of knowledge as set out in Part 2 of Schedule 1 of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules the 'Priestley' 11 , and must include official information from the other university indicating where the subject on which the RPL is based fits into the overall course structure of the other course i. Apply Online Applications can be lodged online and are free for domestic students. Learn something new Have you recently completed an undergraduate degree, or undertaken other postgraduate study? Explore MBA options. An exemption from an elective at the other university is not granted for the UTS core legal theory subject. Tuition fees must be paid in advance each session and are subject to annual increase. Do not simply draft one statement and send this to multiple universities or scholarship committees. Ask around to better understand how the particular university or faculty reviews applicants for admission to their postgraduate programs — often it is not just about marks but about showing your flair in a particular area of inquiry.
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