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For a minute or two, we were to scared to move. Suddenly I heard footsteps. This means that in discussion work, which is extremely important in today 's society, ideas and suggestions don 't come as quickly. It was back to me again.

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I did the best to be excited to start my professional career. But I need to mention that there are some reasons why children go to school.

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My classroom was situated on the second floor. My mother came in from the other room asking what happened when I suddenly realized I was dreaming.

Secondly socialization.

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It was back to me again. Then there was no movement in her, not an eye blink. I was reading and writing a lot. At lunchtime they would be able to read a book or use the internet. Since my father was at quite a distance, I just climbed up without noticing that I was moving away from the group. When I woke up, I was smiling to myself. Made by Ersana Miftaroska It's been proven that when you feel threatened that your brain stops learning and no one improves. When it's absolutely pouring with rain, out of the roof blossoms a ginormous umbrella and the whole school sort of caves in and moves one floor down into the ground. A few minutes later I got up and saw that the butcher was only a poster and not a real person.
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