The seven marketing mix elements of british airways

Secondary research can be done by using research articles, books, publications, surveys, etc. Additionally, the changing economic fortunes, alongside fluctuating fuel prices are major factors affecting the airline industry.

It is not compulsory that the questions for all three organizations will be same; they can be changed or modified. As the part of the promotional strategy, the British Airways also provide the special tickets at most affordable prices for any occasions.

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Inthe common market enabled deregulation in Europe leading to entry of low-cost airlines. At the end of the 70s, air traffic deregulation in the United States opened doors to increased competition. Hence it is the way the service is being offered for example in this case the way the lounges are designed, the behavior of the attendants on flight, the design of the cabin, interiors of the flight, ambience of the fight, sophistication in the symbol of British Airways and the colors used in it all form the physical evidence.

Change is very difficult to predict in an external environment where lots of dynamic things happen.

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Working in an extremely challenging and dynamic competitive market calls for constant innovation and improvement, in addition to provision of high value for money.

The prices vary according to destinations and if booked early can be much more affordable. Marketing mix of British Airways.


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Linda Thomson, Hamilton Campus: British Airways