The origin evolution and development of human beings

In particular, Teilhard de Chardin suggested that the process of hominization was to be considered as an "arrow" in the evolution of living organisms.

The origin evolution and development of human beings

Scientists do not all agree, however, about how these species are related or which ones simply died out. Creation and Evolution.

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The Emergence of " Homo Religiosus ". The evolutionary lines form through natural selection, and the same happens in the artificial selection applied by cattle breeders. The need for this distinction has been emphasized by many authors cf.

Mayr, one of the fathers of the synthetic theory of evolution, is rigorously Darwinian.

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Scientists also debate over how to identify and classify particular species of early humans, and about what factors influenced the evolution and extinction of each species. Ahluwalia, C. The life and interests of prehistoric men have been internalized by their arts through a system of beliefs which are unknown to us, but which are likely to have been multiple and maybe even less coherent than in the following epochs. Symbolic communication through language represents the sphere where we build social relationships and create new communication systems. Psychology Bulletin, , , As regards the appearance of human beings, the theory of evolution is supported by a large number of documents giving evidence to a long path characterized by more and more complex life forms which unfortunately became extinct. Were they precautionary measures in case of return from death?

To support the increased weight on each vertebra in the upright position, the human vertebral column became S-shaped and the lumbar vertebrae became shorter and wider.

It may well enter the harmonious picture of creation: a vision of reality recognizing God's causality in the evolution of the universe is consistent with a divine action generally resorting to secondary causes in order to achieve its goals. There are two main assumptions that have heuristic contributions to the Developmental Psychology and that are related to evolutionary perspectives Charlesworth,

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Human Development: Origins, Evolution and Impact