The importance of breakfast in increasing the cognitive ability and academic performance of children

breakfast and performance in schoolchildren

Proportion of children eating BF everyday did not change. Consumption of breakfast has been studied in many national nutrition surveys and demonstrates the importance of a morning meal, including ready-to-eat cereals, to the nutritional adequacy of children's diets.

One study compared all sugar-sweetened beverage consumption with academic performance among sixth-grade students and found that those who consumed fewer sugar-sweetened beverages had higher mean math and reading test scores.

Children who skip breakfast are almost twice as likely as breakfast eaters to be overweight. Both Milich and Pelham and Kaplan et al. The researchers collected information on dietary intake and compared it with results of a literacy test. The academic performance outcomes employed by studies included either school grades or standardized achievement tests.

Higher scores indicating poorer behavior.

does eating breakfast improve school performance experiment

This federally funded program provides schools with money to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables that are served as snacks during the school day. Accessed September 30,

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