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Wilde completely juxtaposes this idea in his piece and Lady Bracknell appears to be wearing the pants in the relationship. On his part, Jack is a romantic who believes that having the right attitude towards marriage is the ingredient that makes it last.

The play was long, in a three-act structure, yet it moved along at a good pace. However he uses the play as a form of social commentary.

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This aspect of the play suggests that only through art can we defeat our loneliness. This indicates that she has her own perspective on how marriage should be and also that her perspective is quite irregular. Wilde demonstrates a considerable amount of wit to unfold the importance of being both Ernest and earnest. Is it to surpass men and soon become equal to them. The upper class had pretentious values and behaviors that characterized Victorian life. Learn More Although there are varying views on the subject among various characters, it is evident from reading the play that the marriage institution was held in high esteem at that time. He has also killed off Bunbury by this point, I think maybe because he has never been in love properly before, and he always thought that marriage was a bad thing, but his family would expect him to get married, therefore he created Bunbury so he could still leave a bachelor style life on the side. What does she value in a marriage? They affect the lives of Gwendolen and Anne, by imposing their beliefs on them.

The hot-blooded youngsters think they are interested in love. Lane on the other hand represents the lower social class where money is not and important factor for love and marriage which we get a brief impression of.

An example of this is in Act 1 when Lady Bracknell is questioning Jack Worthing about his life, upbringing and income. While awaiting the arrival of Lady Bracknell, the two discuss marriage and what it really is. Throughout the course of the play, Wilde portrays each of the main characters in a way that reflects his personal views of English aristocracy.

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The very title of the play is a double-edged comment on the phenomenon. Gwendolen and Cecily were lied to and made to look like a fool because of the men they fell in love with, Jack and Algy It is a primary force motivation the plot and a reoccurring subject up for debate.

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Overall in the book I think love and marriage are presented in several different ways. Behind this charade of humor though lie deeper, more serious undertones. Firstly, Algernon Moncreiff talks about absurdly trivially nonsense with a complete irrelevance, as when talking about the importance of science, he asks, "Have you got the cucumber sandwiches" While he was in College he began his reputation as a poet, his early work did get him some success, he won the Newdigate prize for his poetry Algernon thinks the servant class has a responsibility to set a moral standard for the upper classes. He humorously criticizes Victorian manners and attacking the society of the luxurious life The higher class are concerned about money and social background, where the lower class marry for love. She is more of a hopeless romantic. Victorians often treat trivial matters as significant and pay less attention to important matters, shown through how the characters deal with marriage proposals By looking at the list of bachelors and the prepared script that Lady Bracknell addresses Jack from, it is apparent that the Victorian society on which the story is based viewed marriage in terms of social standing, income and character of the participants.
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The Concept of Marriage in the Importance of Being Earnest