The everyday lives of wealthy women in the real housewives an american television series

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The D. The room is blessed by a small plaque recognizing Mr. Once I heard there would be a Toronto chapter of The Real Housewives, I was ecstatic, since I live in Toronto and am very excited anytime popular culture acknowledges Toronto.

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At least I did. Only the show highlights the same kind of people who likely drive past streetcars as they're stopping to let people off, or the type of person who begs a barista to let their dog into a Starbucks for "just a second.

So what is a housewife of today in Westport and other wealthy areas? Have they thought about their pension when they grow older and retire?

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But after watching the first few episodes of Slice's The Real Housewives of Toronto, I'm no longer so sure of my theory. Perhaps the issue is that we just don't have it in us to be the type of reality "crazy" only Americans and British have perfected. Since she began, Phillips has since been endorsed by Bravo and has made several appearances on Watch What Happens Live.

If you know nothing about reality TV or the housewives—the villains must be established from the first episode at the very least.

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Howard manipulates an emotion. Many of us organize lunches and coffees with friends, and we exercise. But after watching the first few episodes of Slice's The Real Housewives of Toronto, I'm no longer so sure of my theory. Although other cast members have tried their hand in the business world, not all have been successful. The biggest difference between a Drake song and a TV song that sounds like one is that the latter exists to be heard but not listened to. Anyone who watches a Real Housewives series knows a location change means some kind of verbal or physical altercation, guaranteed. They arrange stuff. Kyle is left saddened by her nieces, Paris and Nicky Hilton , choice of a trip to Europe over attending the graduation. She met her husband, Russel Armstrong, and the two have a daughter, Kennedy. But enough. Does it matter that they stay home?

Although Zolciak claimed that she had hair loss due to treatments for cancer, she later confirmed to Andy Cohen during the season one reunion that she did not, in fact, have the disease. I've shamelessly been watching the series on and off sinceafter my pregnant sister began binging the The Real Housewives of New Jersey because she had nothing else to do.

While the lack of drama is astounding, the worst thing about RHOT is how real it is in a bad way. They all sound like this: doot doot doot da da tsa tsa pleenk.

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