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His main problem seems to be that, once he has finished saying that he is well, and that he hopes that the person to whom he has written is well too, he cannot think of anything more to say. Trying to get to the root of the problem, Gardiner says that letter writing has become a lost art. Thus, for instance, in the essay On Saying Please, he opens the essay with an instance of a young lift-man in the city office who threw a passenger out of his lift for not saying the word please. It is hoped that these will help you understand the lesson better. The problem is that letters to ones wife or mother or brother cannot be filled up with crosses. No one is low or high it is their manners that divide human beings in low or high level. How to cite this page Choose cite format:.

But that is hardly Gardiners intention. Legality takes precedence over moral laws in the eyes of society and one is left to deal with a perceived moral injustice by themselves without the support of the law.

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Unfortunately, a surly conductor will not allow her to sit in the comfort of the lower compartment of the double-decker bus, even though it is very cold. Gardiner and the Daily News Stephen Koss 2. As soon as he finishes digressing onto factual details of history that were to prove detrimental to letter-writingfacts corroborated by statements of Carlylehe returns to the present issue.

The author asserts that the telegraph, the telephone and the typewriter have completed what the penny-post beganthe destruction of letter-writing as an art. Gardiner may also be exploring the difficulties that can be incurred by an individual when dealing with the public.

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According to him, such letters remove the distance separating the writer and his reader. What they should do instead, says the author, is write home about small, insignificant things that they go through.

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A good act will get a good reaction and a bad action will surely produce a bad reaction. All that is needed is a page full of crossesthat stand for kissesand the letter is finished soon enough. The writer pleads us to restore these manners and behaviours so that the society can become a safe and pleasant place to live in. The employer did so because he had been hen-pecked by his wife and his wife was angry because the cook had been insolent, as the housemaid had answered back to the cook. The lift-man demanded 'Top-please' and this concession being refused he not only declined to comply with the instruction, but hurled the passenger out of the lift. They produce an atmosphere of cordiality and good will. If words worth could get a lesson from the poor-leech gatherer, there is no harm in getting lessons from adperson like bus conductor who has good manners. It shows us the importance of word like please or thank you in our everyday life. His language is always simple, approximating the language used in ordinary conversation.

In a similar manner, in this essay, from describing the difficulties of Bill and Sam, he moves on to more general thoughts relating to the art of writing lettersas though pondering on the problems of the two young men has opened up a new train of thought in him. Bad manners are not a legal crime.

In the past, people used to write beautiful letters.

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No society allows its members to have bad manners or to express their annoyance openly. Using this bit of conversation as a case study, Gardiner probes the issue and tries to come up with specific problems and specific remedies pertaining to the situation of the two young men. The poet Keats also wrote beautiful letters. Mary Furrows A. But they have not turned irrelevant. He offered to take him to his destination even without any money. This seems to be the problem. A well written letter is not an essay. Style and language A. It acts as the presence of the person who is absent. Look, for instance, at how he makes us feel the life of the soldier at the front when he imagines how that young man may have written his letter home. Moreover, sending these letters was such a costly affair that one could afford to send a letter only once in six months. War has affected civilities of life. The lift-man having lost control acts irresponsibly.

Despite themselves being innocent of any law that they perceive may be broken. In a carriage of a waiting train is a soldier who is talking through the window to another soldier who is standing on the platform.

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