Should teachers bring guns to school

In the run-up to the election, there's just not all that much variance among the Democratic candidates' positions on guns.

Pros of teachers carrying guns

Brenan M. Los Angeles Times. Read the story here. This includes both intentional and unintentional shootings such as: A janitor who killed two of his colleagues at a performing arts school in Florida. Got questioned by the detectives and on my request, I asked for a mental exam to be performed by a professional. In some states, students themselves participate in active shooter drills. Research strongly supports the idea that children will access guns when guns are present. When asked how often FASTER-trained school employees have used their training to avert an incident, only a couple examples come to Eaton's mind: in one, a school principal in eastern Ohio allegedly drew his firearm on a student off school grounds, prompting the student to immediately drop a weapon he was carrying. Before assuming their duties, teacher resource officers would be required to complete Basic Law Enforcement Training in coordination with local police departments. Ex-teacher charged for leaving gun in school bathroom, police say.

When several districts in Kansas sought to arm teachers, the insurance companies informed them that they would not insure such a dangerous practice. A Spanish teacher who was fired and then returned to school with an AK in a guitar case that he used to kill the school headmaster and then himself. In states that have laws aimed at arming school personnel, school staff receive significantly less training.

Using what we know about school gun violence, our organizations have put together a plan that focuses on intervening before violence occurs. In his mind, the proposal is an extension of everyday life in North Carolina.

Evaluation of the New York City Police Department firearm training and firearm-discharge review process. These policies decrease rather than increase the safety of students.

should teachers carry guns the debate explained

An armed teacher is much more likely to shoot a student bystander or be shot by responding law enforcement than to be an effective solution to an active shooter in a school. Fox 2 Now St.

5 reasons why teachers should be armed

Visit Website One rural Virginia school board serves as a good example of how the debate played out at the school board, district, and state level, where the interests of rural communities often contrast those of the state. That's ridiculous. The first part of this plan focuses on preventing shooters from getting their hands on guns by enacting sensible laws including: 1.

should teachers carry guns pros and cons

That way when the professionals get there you actually have patients to transfer to them instead of victims" The Ohio superintendent credits the FASTER program with giving administrators in his district the tools to prepare for the worst-case scenario, should it ever arrive.

There have been several incidents of guns intentionally or unintentionally discharged on school grounds by school staff.

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Arming Teachers Introduces New Risks Into Schools