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A column called "real time news" runs down the right side of the page and is confusing. In Algeriathe number of daily visitors of news websites and online editions of newspapers surpasses the number of daily readers of print newspapers since the end of Some of the strong design is lost in the sections.

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An advantage is an advantage, no matter how it is gained. Multimedia and video use are very modest. National and world news are moved off to the right, well down the page. Most large dailies have resorted to lay-offs. Many newspaper sites put AP stories in a separate box so that local reporting gets special treatment giving the reader and the reporter a sense that this is a local paper, not a collection of newswire headlines. At the bottom of the page is a text map of the entire site. The inside pages keep the simple lay-out of the main page. As for his transactions with his fellow citizens, he may be among them, but he sees them not; he touches them but does not feel them; he exists only in himself and for himself alone. The Philadelphia Inquirer Average daily paid circulation: , Compete online audience: 1,, Philly. Staff blogs are also in one place for easy reference.

The analyses reported are part of a larger study examining the impact of new technology on organizational culture and practices.

All samples within each country were nationally representative. A great deal of the website is devoted to political coverage, as everyone would expect.

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The design is sharp and photos and video are integrated directly into the matching content. The editors are smart to keep the same basic lay-out from section to section instead of confusing the readers with a new navigation scheme as they move from place to place on the site.

The prominent video section is easy to use and is set-up to give the reader a broad range of viewing options.

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