Religion in chronicle of a death foretold

The immoral waste that Angela refers to is part of a much wider hypocritical routine.

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Instead, in the milieu presented to us in the novel, what we witness is the entire principle and driving force of religion being turned on its head. But the treatment of the same by the people is again a reinforcement of the fact that religion does not hold any profoundly exalted and revered position.

Religion, in its grotesque form, is amply manifested in the novel. But the essence is missing.

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This is brought home to the readers by the failure of either of these mutilated versions of religion in safeguarding Santiago Nasar from his merciless doom. The varying accounts of that fateful day; whether it was raining on that day or it happened to be a particularly sun-lit, are things that are left inconclusive. Religion is meant to be a cohesive force, helping society to bond better and progress in a civilized manner. Order now Marquez attacks the flimsy standards that prevail in the society, and also how people discard their religion. Father Amador takes for granted the idea that god overlooks honor killings. Others for religious reasons and family orders and others because of the men involved. The news of the impending arrival of the Bishop to their town also reveals their religious makeup. By putting on a white veil on their bodies, the townspeople intend to hide the demon that has grown inside their hearts with the ignorance of the true ideology of religion. The point to be noted is that not only the kind of unorganized superstitious religion followed by most of the people is looked at with dollops of skepticism but also that the so called more organized religion, of which the Bishop is representative, is also treated with irony. Pedro Vicario also mentions that Santiago knew why they were going to kill him, which makes his death parallel to Jesus, as He also knew why He was going to be killed. The town upholds the brutal murder of Santiago as legitimate. And Santiago is an epitome of these animal instincts as he hails from an Arab ancestry, wherein he feels proud of shooting animals and raping girls, setting no values to religion in the Columbian society. Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Moreover, the fact that the Catholic Church may pardon murder if it is a matter of honor is very ironic and judgmental, as it is a breakage of the Ten Commandments, thus it should not be justified. Any subject.

All they remember is how to distort religion as per convenience, and the detestable honor killing. Bibliography The Bible. They do not set any values to virginity and chastity, but are more worried about how to hide their guilt.

This is brought home to the readers by the failure of either of these mutilated versions of religion in safeguarding Santiago Nasar from his merciless doom. If a man cries out in a forest, and no one around him cares, does he make a sound.

Religion in chronicle of a death foretold

Santiago, although an Arab, is full of zeal on the day of the arrival of the Bishop. No doubt Santiago is a victim of the superficial norms of the society.

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An emerging theme in the novel is the theme of religion and specifically the Catholic religion.

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Presentation and Role of Religion in Chronicle of a Death Foretold Essay Example