Platos philosophy of democracy essay

Division of labour is applied in production. He has already dealt with the Oligarchic society and character and now moves onto Democracy and the democratic character. Why does he consider democracy to be so flawed?

Jayapalanp. In The Republic, Plato argues that kings should become philosophers or that philosophers should become kings, or philosopher kings, as they possess a special level of knowledge, which is required to rule the Republic successfully.

More democracy is the usual cry of democrats. Understanding refers to goodness, and thus, knowledge and goodness are one. In effect, a citizen would never suggest a different way of government because they have no forum in which to do so. Take this out and there will be chaos and war.

Plato investigated a wide range of topics. Specifically Books 1 and 7 of this well examined text.

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Democracy can turn into oligarchy or oligarchy into democracy, but there are other forms of democracy and also other forms of oligarchy.

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Essay about Plato's Philosophy of Democracy