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Thanks to the patented NipProtect system, all rolls can be opened smoothly in considerably less than 0.

Paper technology journal voith

The initial dirt load in Fig. This was illustrated by the example of slot widths of 0. The results in better floatability. The trials showed that the additional flotation stages will only achieve the required efficiency when preceded by intensive mechanical treatment of the stock. After the welcome by the production and technical manager of the Hamburger Group, Harald Ganster, the guests had the opportunity to inspect the paper machine and obtain information on the successful start-up. In four trials the finished stock requirements were fully met. Rapid parent roll changing is ensured by unwinding with flying splice. Careful selection and combination of the individual modules ensures a tailored machine for every screening task and production capacity. Fifteen years later, she became involved in meeting the children of the school named after her grand-father, Friedrich von Voith, assisted by the Labor Project, sponsored by Voith. Mixed Tropical Hardwood.

The three TopDuoRun after-dryer sections following the SpeedSizer and blade coaters are of conventional design with open hoods. The employees of the Brazilian subsidiary had their celebration day too. They are all fitted with the Krieger InfraMatic system for perfect control of moisture cross-profile.

The required cleanness was not however fully achieved in one trial. For these sensitive screening tasks, the screens should be run at low consistencies, moderate rotor speeds and low pressure differences across the screen basket.

After excellent results with the Krieger infra-red dryers already operating for years on paper machines 1 and 2, the customer again chose Krieger equipment. In September, Voith celebrated 40 years of the Brazilian subsidiary company. Music and magicians provided a comfortable atmosphere, making the evening a unique and impressive event.

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There are several reasons why MTH is not favoured from paper makers and paper machine suppliers. They offered to the Brazilian and foreign journalists an optimistic and enriching scenario about the new plans and business foreseen for the country.

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Sollinger reported on the changes between Voith as supplier for the paper industry and its customers. The events related to the celebration of 40 years of Voith Brazil were attended by distinguished visitors, including customers, members of the Voith family, Voith AG directors, Brazilian authorities and foreign authorities, stressing the importance of Voith Brazil and its cooperators to the Brazilian society, as well as to the Voith Group. The initial dirt load in Fig. During this Conference, Voith put great emphasis on its extensive process competence, underlining once again its position as a reliable partner for complete production lines and rebuilds. Pulpwood demand has increased more rapidly than the wood supply from plantations, regardless of the plantation programmes that all major companies have been developing since the s. Operating reliability, screening efficiency and specific throughput are significantly increased if the flow is uniform over the entire area of the screen basket. Most of this wood million m3 was processed within ITTO producer countries and the balance 10 million m3 was exported to other countries mainly to Japan and the EU for processing. The Conference has again underlined that the cooperative dialogue between the paper producers and the technology supplier is the basis for lasting success. For the specialty grade calendar paper, conventional sizing is used on coater 1 instead of color, which is otherwise used only in film presses. To avoid mechanical overstressing of the fibres, the number of dispersion stages within a system should be limited to two. The different papers consist mainly of reinforcement pulp kraft pulp-long fiber , hardwood pulp such as e. Removal efficiency decreases with increasing shear and compression forces in the screen. The remaining increment in cleanness must be achieved using two additional flotation modules. Minimum slot widths of 0. There are several reasons why MTH is not favoured from paper makers and paper machine suppliers.
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