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Origin: If someone is looking for a book to buy and read, the first thing that will probably grab their attention is the cover of the book. I walked outside with him and into the park adjacent to my office. Our actions, or inactions, and how we treat these people are often influenced by these simplistic and often inaccurate first impressions. Hence, this expression is used either as advice or a warning that a person should not judge other people or things based only on what they see on the outside. My jaw dropped and my eyes filled with tears. Download the first three chapters for FREE! I took the papers very gingerly from him so as not to tear them anymore than they already were. I felt terrible because I had indeed thought the very same thing. Well, people are often judged based only upon their outward appearance. Just about everyone has made a snap decision based on these incomplete impressions. But can I buy a distinguished veteran lunch for protecting my freedom?

He told me that he had been blinded by Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam. Then I noticed he was clutching a small brown paper bag. It saves a lot of thinking and overthinking on your part.

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At least there was enough clarity to make out the phrase for sure.

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Never Judge A Book By Its Cover Except These Ones