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Out of them only 17 have started their operations. Increase salary disbursement with less cost: A number of survey further shows that garments workers and low income employees are not interested in opening mobile bank account amid most of them use MFS for sending remittance, mostly, however, through OTC transactions.

Crime targeting mobile finance users is a continuing challenge.

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Mobile Phone, is called Mobile Banking. Number of agents over the period of time is shown in the following figure. Mobile finance providers should engage in robust stakeholder education efforts, targeting consumers, agents, and government officials, with the aim of increasing knowledge of how mobile financial systems work, what their vulnerabilities are, how to mitigate them, and how they can be of net benefit to each type of stakeholder.

Agents find no problems breaking laws regularly in order to make money. This report is based on information from a total of respondents users of mobile banking services without an account, active and inactive account holders and unbanked people and agents covering urban and rural areas of 7 divisions and 23 districts.

Opening MFS account with false or fake documents should be strictly controlled.

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Currently most of the providers provide a commission ranging from BDT 25 to agents for signing up new customers which was higher than BDT 50 two years ago. Unlike other markets where P2P transfer fees often vary based on the size of the transaction, all of the providers surveyed in Bangladesh charge a flat fee ranging from BDT 3 to BDT 5. Scheduled bank advances to private agriculture, as a percentage of sectoral GDP, rose from 2 percent in FY to 11 percent in FY , while advances to private manufacturing rose from 13 percent to 53 percent. The bank had from the outset applied a specialised system of intensive credit supervision that set it apart from others. Day to day mobile payment and banking has become popular in Bangladesh. As it currently stands, it is not possible to send money from an account on one MFS provider to an account on another MFS provider i. It makes their life easier. Earlier in a report USAID said Bangladesh has a rapidly growing mobile financial service industry, accounting for more than 8 percent of the total registered mobile money accounts globally. Among the cases only 19 arrests were made and 21 were rescued. MFS operators also fails to communicate the message to the community that money laundering is a serious issue that needs to be complied by everyone. ATMs, branch offices and the acquisition of agents across the country. It is noted that for the poor, access to financial services would support them to: successfully adopt new farming technologies, invest in new business opportunities, or find new and more productive jobs. In addition to expanding payment options, mobile-based credit services should also be explored. The number of rural bank branches doubled between and , to more than 3, Banks can use all mobile operators to make more available in all over the country.

They can receive and send money quickly and easily with a mobile phone or by going to the nearest agent in the local market. The original ID should be shown to agent during submission of a photo-copied one.

According to police, MFS are far more likely to be used for payments within structured criminal groups and professional killers. Denationalisation and private industrial growth led the Bangladesh Bank and the World Bank to focus their lending on the emerging private manufacturing sector.

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Bangladesh Bank may take necessary steps to ensure this verification. MFS providers should also be able to check whether an individual has already been verified through the KYC process conducted by another provider so that they can immediately approve accounts in those instances. Its customers were landless persons who took small loans for all types of economic activities, including housing. Lending institutions did not have adequate autonomy to choose borrowers and projects and were often instructed by the political authorities. The central bank said the volume is quite natural and there is scope for further growth. It is noted that for the poor, access to financial services would support them to: successfully adopt new farming technologies, invest in new business opportunities, or find new and more productive jobs. It requires big investment to set-up an MFS proposition and to scale up operations. The Grameen Bank was expanding rapidly, planning to have branches throughout the country by the late s. In the late s, the bank continued to provide financial resources to the poor on reasonable terms and to generate productive self-employment without external assistance. The most important factor found is the distances required to travel to a financial access point. The remaining eleven providers with live services currently account for around 6. Its success, though still on a rather small scale, provided hope that it could continue to grow and that it could be replicated or adapted to other development-related priorities. Though, Bangladesh has a strong law to regulate mobile financial sector; according to Law Enforcement Agencies, implementation of law is yet to achieve up to a minimum standard in MFS sector. The policy was largely successful in reducing the growth of the money supply and total domestic credit. Of course, if criminals have easy opportunity to open mobile account with fake names, why they will open account exposing their real names?

But, the real number of victims or incidents is undoubtedly much higher than the number of reported cases. It is clearly seen that mobile banking growth crossed all delivery channels.

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An Exploration Of The Booming Mobile Banking Market In Bangladesh