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Reading this book will show a reader how patience pays off, however, and so much of the maturing process in society is about being patient, waiting for the right moment, believing things will be better if one can just wait for the Nirvana moment, or the perfect lover.

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That the pursuit of love and romance is miles above all other emotions? This plague is referred to as the black death.

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Although the reader first meets her when she is a young impressionable girl, her time abroad transforms her into a woman who commands respect and harnesses an indomitable determination. Marquez chose to use Dr. It is a world of great beauty and great cruelty; a world where love brings both redemption and enslavement; and a world where the lines between objective reality and dreams are hopelessly blurred.

Love impairs our judgments and makes us do ridiculous things that we only do whilst in love. The author shows that the actions of the each protagonist depend on their perspective on love Meanwhile, as critic Anne Hudson Jones asserts, reading the four middle parts of this novel may require patience, but not nearly the patience that Florentino Ariza has shown for fifty years while waiting for his opportunity to love the woman Fermina Daza he once cherished and could not hold back in the day.

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The novel's main character is Florentino Ariza, an obsessive young man who falls madly in love with a young girl named Fermina Daza Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you.

Juvenal Urbino.

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