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Instead, he lived for 55 more years. Eventually, he lost all three of these bets. Working with fellow cosmologist Roger Penrose, he demonstrated that Albert Einstein 's Theory of General Relativity suggests that space and time began at the birth of the universe and ends within black holes, which implies that Einstein's theory and quantum theory must be united.

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He worked with a friend on the faculty, Kip Thorne[] [8] and engaged him in a scientific wager about whether the X-ray source Cygnus X-1 was a black hole. This kind of ambitious thinking allowed Hawking, who claimed he could think in 11 dimensions, to lay out some big possibilities for humankind.

Hawking previously argued that belief in a creator could be compatible with modern scientific theories. The invention allowed Hawking to select words on a computer screen that were then passed through a speech synthesizer. Hawking's health remained a constant concern—a worry that was heightened in when he failed to appear at a conference in Arizona because of a chest infection.

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What was Stephen Hawking famous for? He reconciled with Jane, who had remarried. Theory of singularity Hawking made his first major contribution to science with his idea of singularity, a work that grew out of his collaboration working relationship with Roger Penrose.

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He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in And their second son, Edward, was adopted in

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Stephen Hawking