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What i would like to do the first is to make all people to live equal. But you say Master of the Universe, which can also mean God. My life is certainly better for having a goal and a purpose. If I ruled the world I would try to improve living conditions of all people, and I would allocate money for an accomplishment of homeless children. Peoples in the world do not smoke than live better and longer. Human rights mean learning not just how everybody else should be, but also about how you might be, in order to make the world a fairer, safer place. And of course if I ruled the world every girl would go to school. My stay in Vietnam gave me more time in which to read and think. As for me. There would be equality to every single person.

Abrar says: If I ruled the world for a week, I would get a chance to release about my self that how much i am true in my comment which i shared with my friends on different site.

Michael Moore is a very clever man, down to earth and practical.

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The second problem is our ecology. The crazy thing was that the more I thought about it, the more I decided the world could be a better place with me in control. What is an outrage in Paris should also be an outrage in Riyadh. The third : Interested in science , searches because of base of development. For if God commands it then I would be in power to conform to his wishes. Besides why the master has gifted us the brain? Anna says: To have the power is a difficult thing.

Kristina says: If I ruled the world i would make children happy. Yet, people are in a process to improve democratic society which is not a finished product, and freedom in all its forms improves itself over time.

What is an outrage in Paris should also be an outrage in Riyadh.

If ruled world essay

You can make the world better. Ignorance is not bliss. To make more available health system, would make free education. May says: If I were the ruler of the world ,I will make sure that may parents will not get married to bring me to this univers never ever because there is no chance to rule,to have control, to change anymore on his plante every thing is mixed together in a way that we cannot fix it.

Honey says: If I ruled the world for a weekI would make the places with war stop with peace everywhere.

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I think it is impossible to live telling the lie. I would make the ones who are in power suffer hell. Day seven, I will go on a vacation with my family to the most beautiful places in the world: Swiss, Paris, Venice, etc. Antologia says: If I ruled the World for one week.. Yes, I am asking you to vote for me. And than world will healthy and smart… muhammad rashid jamil says: If i rule the world then firstly i provide justics to all people secondly i gave the oppertunity to all the people for education thirdly i provide the basic neccessties to all the people like food shelter and house I think injustics is the main reason for every problem Bashayer says: I would stop poor people from suffering, make them live in a small shelter, help them find jobs, help homeless animals, let kids educate them self and be good,Id do a lot of stuff to improve the world. I would give world one religion, one sect and rest all things will be auutomatically get rebooted after a week. Exercising the first amendment can be controversial; however, the censorship of people is unnecessary and it conflicts with the principle of free speech, which is a key aspect of American culture. Like on the day of earth day all the person will plant tree, clean there near by water reservoir like pond , river etc, feeding animals in the jungle etc. Would build a waste processing plants. No one would be treated differently for their race, religion or gender; everyone would look past each other's differences and accept people for who they are, and not someone who they are trying to be. So I would show people the beauty in music, literature, children. You would not be afraid of the death, you would jump from a building without any worry about your falling. And finally I try to change the ideas of people about a new worl in peace. Like the person who is worshiping god but ignoring human or other animals or plants will be punished.

The state will put out its hands to arrest your fall. Would create a lot of parks, alleys, would make several sanctuaries for rare animals and ptits. I strongly believe the only way to make this realistic is education.

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