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And why? However, they will also need to sound lively so there will be simple sentences too The article will need to sound lively for the pupils, so there will be just simple sentences so that it is easy to follow 8 Would you be addressing the reader in your review writing?

All of my students are asked, as part of their homework learning time, to learn the elements contained within the progress ladder off by heart and then include all of them in all their writing a speaking.

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The strengths and weaknesses of the book The weaknesses of the book cover and the blurb Only the strengths of the book 2 Should you use evidence in a review? It's important to persuade the reader and use lots of persuasive techniques 9 What would your vocabulary choices be like when writing the review?

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No Widgets found in the Sidebar Alt! Therefore, in the evenings, like many other secondary school language teachers, I spent hours marking essays that students had written. These are some of the typical conventions that are being used in this review: the review opens in a lively way to state the writer's opinion there is a use of direct-address 'you' combined with a question aimed at engaging the reader alliteration helps emphasise a key phrase references to other well known works by the author helps the reader's understanding writing techniques such as a metaphor create vivid imagery that helps engage the reader and also emphasise the writer's negative view You can also ask some questions about the language the writer uses to learn from this style: Question Does the writer sound formal and use Standard English?

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Your own personal knowledge will make your conclusions count.

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Writing film reviews in French by nilex