How to get inspired to write a fantasy novel covers

Does the crafty gnome carry a penknife?

How to write a unique fantasy novel

Will all of these characters be human? That new world needs its own geography, biology, history, and sometimes laws of physics. Why not? Buy it now Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. Build yourself a World: World-building is hugely important to fantasy. ProWritingAid It is amazing that artificial intelligence is now able not only to check basic problems like spelling and grammar but help correct your style too. Just why are there so many sub and splinter genres? Castle Ruins, art by Jeff Brown. To ensure this consistency, Bowman suggests that you always jot everything down. How do they evolve from those trying times? Give Them Flaws The key to the character is a contradiction: No person is complete without yin and yang, without light and dark. Readers will not keep turning pages without compelling character development keeping them interested. Here are 43 ways to find inspiration as a writer:.

Start a Chain Gang. It will lend depth to your world that will make it believable — not just a cookie-cutter, imitation fantasy world.

What do they all share? Feed your readers clues through such images. Check out these 12 epic fantasy serieshot off the press. What are their ultimate goals, and where are they willing to go to achieve that goal? How do your characters communicate or travel? This is what primarily sets fantasy apart from sci-fi.

how to get inspired to write a fantasy novel covers

Everyday life reflects history all the time. Character development is an excellent way to surprise or keep readers guessing.

Art by Jake Clark. What are your tips for writing fantasy? Yes, they may be entertaining and wonderfully escapist.

how to write a fantasy novel outline

Other people can also be sounding boards for our ideas, rich sources of feedback, or collections of confidantes to laugh and cry with when the stress of novel-writing becomes too much.

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Don’t Write a Fantasy Novel Before Reading These 8 Tips