Goldsmiths mfa art writing activity

goldsmiths mfa art writing activity

You receive scheduled one-to-one tutorials with your Group Tutors and other staff from the study area. The investigative basis for this paper rests in multiple interviews with heads of BA and MA art courses at Goldsmiths as well as other members of staff, and also in recent literature on higher education1 Paul Ramsdensmall group teaching2 Kate Exleyart pedagogy3 James Elkins and Whitechapel Documents and the crit format4 Bernadette Blair and many others.

Quite the contrary, I think. Critical Studies You are expected to identify and initiate the discussion of the critical concerns and interests of your practice.

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Art Writing involves relations between people, as discursive. The seminar starts with a straightforward critique, usually lead by a tutor, and through which the student whose work is presented is quiet. The other form of crit in the BA is the convener, where there is a larger group of students, and only some of those students will be presenting work.

But the challenge is also institutional; it arrives at a moment, in London at least, when the stakes and very possibility of an art-critical education are in flux if not exactly crisis. Art Writing names an approach within contemporary culture that, in wanting new potentials, embraces writing as a problematization of the object of art, its dissemination and forms of exhibition.

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Goldsmiths MFA Art Writing Residencies