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This is a common occurrence in the south.

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Army after being drafted in the Vietnam War, starting a fight during the midst of a Black Panther group meeting, and meeting Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. Even through college, they remain close but still friends. At this time only in The Tin Drum had i seen more subtle passage of time, and it does wonders for not slowing the film down. Lieutenant Dan Lieutenant Dan carries us through most of the second half of the film alongside Forrest. A story of a man who was born with below average intelligence and still managed to accomplish many milestones in his life, all while creating relationships with people. Gump faces numerous tribulations for the duration of his life, yet he never gives any of them a chance to meddle with his satisfaction. In the end, Jenny comes back home because she is tired. His mother would always encourage him. There are some critics and historians who bash this movie for inaccurate portrayals, but from the perspective of the southern depiction and black depiction, it was correct. In the movie, the character, Forrest Gump shows and teaches us great lessons. This person she knew was white and this element showed that whites did help blacks during the Civil Rights Movement.

We see flashes of attempts on Ford and news of what Carter was saying while Forrest eating a bowl of cereal, and while Jenny was living with him Reagan was shot. In Forrest Gump, the south is portrayed as accurately as anyone could have portrayed it.

As stated previously, race relations and southern culture were not the focus of the film. In Vietnam, he lead a platoon that was encountered an ambush by the Vietcong. These were the events in her life that lead her to spiral downwards and almost pushed her over the edge.

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In contrast to what one might believe, the element of religion was not a large factor in this movie. It was not until the film depicted the Black Panther movement, was race relation touched upon for a second time.

He was the next family member to serve, in the Vietnam War. The first time I watched it seriously, my inner feelings were complex, there are humor, sadness, touched, relieved, praise, and regret.

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Forrest Gump Movie: An Analysis