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Most commonly used in criminal justice, the career requires specific skills and knowledge. When reviewing this particular case, you can see how evidence collected, such as blood, bullets, finger prints, and in this case even the body can help to solve a crime.

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DNA blood profile evidence can be collected through numerous ways like saliva, semen, blood, urine, feces, hair, teeth, bone, cells and tissue. This essay gives a summary of N. And this behavior can create a surprisingly accurate picture of the offender I have no doubt that there are other areas that would be just if not more challenging however interest is a another key element in the making such a life changing and difficult decision. Their patients can often be boring or hard to deal with, and worst of all they will deal with patients looking to sue for dental malpractice. Why is it important for forensic scientists to have as much information as possible about the place where a possible drug substance was found? Forensic science technicians may either be generalists who perform all or many of the duties listed above, or they may specialize in certain techniques and sciences. Studying of the firing, flight, and effects of ammunition techniques are used to identify weapons as well as voice identification techniques are used to identify criminals par One of the areas in which biology is very helpful, is DNA forensics. What factors can impact evidence and what procedures have to be taken to stop this from happening? Forensic toxicology has to take into consideration the application of toxicology for the purposes of the testimony at law, or in a specific medicolegal DNA evidence can be collected from many items, examples are such as a mask, gloves, shoes, clothes, bedding, fingernails, cups, bottles, cigarettes, weapons and much more

What factors can impact evidence and what procedures have to be taken to stop this from happening? The most common use of forensic science is to investigate criminal cases involving a victim, such as assault, robbery, kidnappingrape, or murder.

There are analyses done such as polygraphs, ballistics, fingerprinting, toxicology, voice analysis, testing of DNA, and other methods that give investigators more pieces of the puzzle BPA also uses the scientific method to examine bloodstain evidence at a crime scene where blood is present by gathering information, observing, documenting, analyzing, evaluating, and technical or peer reviewing.

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A career job continues to stay as an occupation a person remains in and continue to increase in the position level.

Forensic odontologists are dentists that work in the field of forensic science. Furthermore, the accuracy of forensic identification of evidence has the possibility of leaving biased effects on a juror Carrell, Krauss, Liberman, Miethe, Technology has created a more advanced society and economy.

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Forensic science it plays an important role in almost. Basic and complex information can be found when analyzing blood. Modern forensic science has a broad range of applications.

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DNA is the genetic material found in cells of all living organisms Handwriting and typewriting samples are also studied, including all ink, paper, and the arrangement and appearance of printed matter.

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