For and against essay genetic engineering

In my opinion genetic modifications can contribute significantly to find cures for human diseases and prevent the spreading of them. Scientists have found ways to change humans before they are even born.

genetic engineering in humans

It is used for producing proteins which can be used by humans, such as insulin for diabetics and is also used to make organisms better at surviving, for example genetically modifying a plant so that it can survive in acidic soil In fact, cloning finds many of its application in amplification of DNA, genetic fingerprinting, as well as modification of genetic makeup in humans.

In fact, it is causing quite a controversy. The cloning of human beings has become one of the worst fears in our society today and for that reason many laws have been passed throughout European countries and North America in an effort to ban human cloning Through genetic engineering, gene therapy has been made possible making it a convenient method to eliminate human problems.

For and against essay genetic engineering

One extremely controversial advance is genetic engineering. I am testing several approaches

short essay on genetic engineering
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Genetic Engineering Essay