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With the fast moving trend of online businesses, auctions etc. This shows that CP is the most profitable and huge potential for growth.

fedex information systems case study

Is CP an economically viable product? Thus how to market CP service to targeted customers and make the advertisement stand out and impressive among consumers compared to other airfreight companies will be a challenge for FedEx for future growth.

By implementing new marketing campaigns, our sales will certainly increase.

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Conclusion Over the past 30 years FedEx has been a company which has changed the way we view express transportation and delivery services.

Both corporations have achieved a great success on a global scale. FedEx has based its strategic mission Essay on Fedex V.

Fedex case study

Keeping them satisfied is cheaper and easier than spending money on hiring and training new employees. Therefore, a special reward system has been designed to recognise special effort Bravo Zulu Voucher Program ranging from letters of recognition to cash rewards. In the paper, he suggested using air transportation to deliver urgent packages overnight since airports tend to be not congested during that time of day, would make the transportation much faster and economical. FedEx is an outstanding company that displays their success globally. They have developed a business model that has kept them competitive in domestic and foreign markets. FedEx Ground provides services in the U. How large is the market? The service offers Saturday delivery with no additional charges. Therefore we should go ahead with this campaign See Appendix. HR Practices Rewards Since its setting up, FedEx focuses on providing a suitable work environment that encourages employees to come up with innovative solutions. At the moment FedEx is able to keep unions out of the door, which allows FedEx to keep its labour costs lower than any other in the industry. The company considers its culture to be the biggest asset, driving strengths like low turnover and high levels of customer service Brown, FedEx strives to provide reliable, competitive, global, air and ground transportation of priority goods at a remarkable speed. In the United States all the different programs were very successful. FedEx has based its strategic mission Essay on Fedex V.
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Federal Express Case Essay Example