Factors that influence job design

Factors influencing Job Design The factors that influence the preparation of Job design fall under three major categories, viz.

job design decisions

In order to perform work in an effective and efficient manner, the tasks involved in a job need to be sequenced and balanced. Periodic training of performance appraisals may be needed.

While designing jobs, these work practices need to be taken into consideration.

techniques of job design

An individual may carry out one main task which consists of a number of interrelated elements or functions. These factors include both the internal as well as external factors. Physical abilities: For some jobs, they prescribe the required physical fitness, which is essential to perform the job.

traditional job design

If a job fails on this count, the fault lies with the job designers who, based on the feedback, must redesign the job. Work Flow: The very nature of a product influences the sequences of jobs, i.

Employee availability and abilities: Employee skills, abilities and time of availability play a crucial role while designing of the jobs. Subject: BusinessHuman Resource Management Topic: Article Job design also gives information about the qualifications required for doing the job and the reward financial and non-financial benefits for doing the job.

Last modified: Tuesday, 5 JuneAM. So jobs were designed simple and required little training. It promotes creativity, independence and leads to increased efficiency. They are therefore designed keeping the employees into consideration.

Approaches to job design

The complexity dimension, on the horizontal axis, is the degree to which a job design approach requires: The involvement of individuals with diverse competencies at various organizational levels. Factors that influence hiring are qualifications, education and specific prior experience. Work Flow: The very nature of a product influences the sequences of jobs, i. Failure to consider work practices can have undesirable outcomes. Work Nature: There are various elements of a job and job design is required to classify various tasks into a job or a coherent set of jobs. Variety: Lack of variety may cause boredom. Failure to consider these social expectations can create dissatisfaction, low motivation, hard-to-fill job openings and a low quality of work life, especially when foreign nationals are involved in the home country or overseas. When designing jobs for international operation, uniform designs are almost certain to neglect national and cultural differences. These are discussed one by one.
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Various Factors Affecting Job Design