Examples of symbolism in macbeth

All the actions of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are based on these predictions. On the other hand, she refers to light in the sense of weakness or fragility of the women. Motif 10 Treachery Treachery, though is very strong, is highly a significant motif in Macbeth.

Examples of symbolism in macbeth

But, above all, the aspect of the play is most impressive and overwhelming with imagery and symbolism that Shakespeare so brilliantly uses.

The image of blood plays an important role throughout Macbeth Motif 2 Violence Although violence is not the dominant motif, it is still an ensuring motif.

Motif 7 Equivocation The motif of equivocation starts from the very first line of the play, Macbeth. However, it is quite obscure at times when human beings are involved and witches recede into the background.

During the time in which Macbeth was written, the king was associated with the sun.

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The flaw is usually a master passion. Some are dominant, while other appear momentarily and disappear and reappear again in another scene, or act. This theme of Night vs.

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Most of the corrupt or unusual events in Macbeth occur under a cloak of darkness.

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Symbolism In Macbeth Essay