Ethics of physician assisted suicide

Goligher, E.

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A philosophical case against euthanasia. The avoidance of physical pain, as an obvious manifestation of suffering, might explain why assisted dying would be both necessary and within the duties of a doctor to provide.

Health care professionals must recognise that sensitive and compassionate management of death is only one aspect of a longer dialogue about end-of-life choices. Assisted suicide is an issue where the interests of the individual cannot be separated from those of society as a whole.

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Torr JD, editor. This confirms initial hypothesis and we got expected results, not only here but also almost through the remaining results. Here, we bypass theories about autonomy of the will from the John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant, although some authors believe that the right to self-determination derives only from the teaching of Kant 2.

Professionals have a duty to do good and to do no harm. For many, the thought of death may not be disturbing, but the way in which we die and the events leading up to our death might be.

Ethics of physician assisted suicide

Ping-cheung L. There are fears that decriminalising assisted suicide could lead to abuse and the possibility of killing someone who did not want to die. Linacre Centre Papers, 1: 1— Jack Kevorkian was an American pathologist who staunchly advocated for euthanasia in the s and s.

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Should assisted dying be legalised?