Essay on pakistani nationhood

The government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto shifted the limits between the acceptable and the subversive, but this strengthened the need to suppress the subversive.

In reality, the country has gone off course and is doing everything prohibited by Islam. It has come a long way since then.

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Politically, economically and socially, Paksitan is in a mess. It was from then on that things began to turn for the worse and have continued their downward spiral.

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There was corruption, but it was not rife. Some lived in the time when the matter was still fresh and were also able to get first hand information. It took over a million Muslim lives to create the homeland for the Muslims. Pakistan, along with Israel and India, is three of the original states that have restrained itself from being party of the NPT and CTBT which it considers an encroachment on its right to defend itself. Pakistani official nationalism, far from being constant and uniform, changed over time and is perhaps better understood as a result of competing discourses in between and within institutions. Everyone ate well and looked after one another. Nevertheless, democracy must rule, but for that good leaders are needed and they are nowhere to be found. So far he has proven to be a disappointment. Almost every Pakistani state has a regional party devoted solely to the culture of the native people. Constructing its narrative in opposition to India, Pakistani historiography insisted on the separateness of the Indus valley from the Gangetic plains, relying on a distinction between Hind and Sindh found in the writings of Persian travellers. Politically, economically and socially, Paksitan is in a mess. His tenure was dismal. Karachi did not have many of the facilities that exist today, yet people were happy. The simple categorization of Sindh and Balochistan as rural and tribal overlooks the complex relations between rural and urban areas, as a result of which the changes in urban lifestyles significantly impact rural social structures. Musharraf succeeded in stabilizing the economy and seemed to give good direction to the country.

That nationalism relies on means of propagation other than print 3 —which is not a novel idea see Chatterjee 73 —leads Ayres to turn to Punjabi cinema to show how Punjabi popular culture tried to reverse a sense of inferiority. It was a different place then, not a squalor locality that it has now become.

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I have lived all my life in Karachi and have had a happy childhood. Relations, neighbours and friends - they were all caring. Both the Hindus and the Sikhs went on a killing spree indulging in wanton destruction and looting of property of the Muslims.

Essay on pakistani nationhood

India, conversely, managed to put an end to widespread language riots by redrawing its administrative map along linguistic lines while maintaining Hindi and English as national languages.

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Nationhood and Nationalities in Pakistan