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Essay on health hazards of modern lifestyle

But the question arose as to how high the seawalls should be to guarantee safety — given that, as civil engineers pointed out, the higher the wall, the greater the technological challenges, and the higher the costs. But if medication is swapped around this can cause harm to the clients, each medication is used for its own reason they may have side effects that strongly affect a client which can make them become ill and other side effects that could harm the clients are things such as drowsiness and nausea. Bleach is full of chemicals and if it has been drunk can cause burns to the throat and the inside of your stomach is affected. In the case of radiation — and many other environmental hazards such as pesticides and air pollutants — there is no option of avoiding low-level exposures that result in our absorbing some specific dose. These hazard identification studies focus mainly on deviations from the intended use or design and the harm that may occur as a result of these deviations. On one side, social media helps with the public health education; it supports with the emergency response and surveillance of the epidemic. This gives rise to an interesting set of questions. In this sense the environmental conditions we may consider hostile or hazardous can be seen as neutral in that it is our perception, human location and actions which identify resources and hazards within the range of natural events. Now, in , another line is being drawn: the annual radiation dose that should be considered as safe for Fukushima evacuees to return to their homes. Invasive and debatable actions sometimes are needed it to find the causes of some diseases. Surveillance can be used to routinely visit sites containing potentially hazardous substances, through air quality sampling by occupational hygienists and health monitoring by physicians. Journal of Cleaner Production, , The number of tests required and the extent to which the chemicals are tested varies, depending on the desired usage of the chemical. These countries have economies built around industries and those industries do not dispose off their hazardous wastes responsibly, thereby contaminating nearby water bodies and soil.

Chemical hazard See also: poison A chemical can be considered a hazard if by virtue of its intrinsic properties it can cause harm or danger to humans, property, or the environment.

Researchers have noted that an increased productivity demand has lead to more time being spent in a fixed body posture [11].

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Carpal tunnel syndrome and its relation to occupation: a systematic literature review. I think that it is very important that before anything risk assessments should be carried out to look for all the potential hazards which could cause harm to the clients and staff in this environment.

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UNEP also estimates that environmental degradation is behind 25 percent of all human diseases. Types of hazards Chemical hazards Chemical hazards are very common and are found across several industries [2]. Now with increasing acceptance and with its counterpart scrutiny, research is being implemented to analyze whether the benefits truly outweigh the possible health effects to individuals and communities.

Many factors play a role in determining our health — biological, nutritional, psychological and chemical.

article on common health hazards

Cell Phones are a recent invention that has brought people together all around the world and mostly beneficial but are associated to some dangers. A person cannot be called healthy merely because of the absence of disease; he or she needs to be doing well in all ways to actually qualify as healthy.

Contaminated water and poor hygiene and sanitation are responsible for the deaths of around 3. Equipment In a care home it is important that all equipment is used correctly and safely in order to ensure your clients and staff are not at risk of harm.

Workplace violence involves a wide range of behaviors including intimidation, harassment, stalking, emotional abuse, threatening and homicide [10].

Bleach is full of chemicals and if it has been drunk can cause burns to the throat and the inside of your stomach is affected.

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Potential Hazards in Health and Social Care Essay Example