E commerce chapter 1 study questions

What are some of the unique features of e-commerce technology? Findings from the Primary Data 4. There is no human interaction in e-commerce as all the infonnation sharing is done via mobile networks through the use of electronic gadgets throughout the whole transaction process.

e commerce can be defined as

Nevertheless, take note that your participation is voluntary. The chapter introduces how e-commerce has affected the supply chain process in the business environment.

Look at the categories your competitors already use. The internet and web are closely tied to e-commerce. As with other technological revolutions, eventually it is the large, already established firms who have the resources to exploit the new technology. Publishing as Prentice Hall Related documents.

If illegal downloading continues unchecked and existing music labels disappear for lack of revenue, it would force the industry to pursue a new digital business model that somehow gave more incentives to consumers for obtaining music legally. The arguments are presented to emphasize and improve understanding of the importance of using e-commerce in the supply chain process.

For instance, Mpangananji General Merchants and other agro-dealing companies order agricultural products like fertilizers from other foreign companies, and since the transaction occurs between two parties, it is known as a B2B method.

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