Describe how your own behaviour could impact in negative manner on interaction with children and you

If information needs to be shared with other staff or agencies it must be done through the correct channels, parent consent in most instances will be required. How have children been included in the journey of managing behavioural options and for managing highly emotive times?

behavior and effective interactions

What is behaviour guidance? It will be important to recognise, and adapt, to each age level, and encourage behaviour that is expected at that age, and discourage behaviour that is not.

As this age group is strong willed, most of them have their strong views and ideas and of course they have a personality by themselves. There should be an agreed system within the school for making sure that the entire staff are aware of who these pupils are. For example, you might be out at the Christmas party, with friends, colleagues, or even parents of the children you support. We have to follow the guidelines and rules, be polite and respectful towards other, if class teacher say something to do then you have to do. There are lots of different types of communication types, positive and negative, verbal and non-verbal communication. Supporting them at this time is crucial, as it can make school a rewarding, exciting place if they are encouraged and nurtured in the right way. Each child has a different way of learning. Sometimes you have to raise our voices so I can be heard or to get your point across but when dealing with children that is not always the best way, if you want them to do something it is better to ask them calmly, smiling and with a positive attitude. For instance; a two year old not being able to sit still, or an eight year old unable to contain their excitement and wait for their turn. This means checking what we are saying sometimes in moments of stress or excitement, so that they can understand what our expe tations are. We should always remember that all children are individual and develop at their own rate. Burnham, Baker How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. The new Data Protection Act covers personal data in both manual and electronic form, meaning that emails are just as safe as paper files, and must be treated the same way.

When managing arguments, you will need to make sure that you go back to the beginning and find out exactly what has happened. When educators and families have mutually respectful relationships and communicate openly they are able to work together to plan a supportive and appropriate experience for each child.

Be respectful of others: you not always see eye to eye with a colleague, but listening to what they have to say, and valuing their ideas and opinions helps keep communication open. Communication can be divided into 4 four different categories: Verbal, non-verbal, formal and informal. It encourages children to reflect on their actions and the impact those actions have on themselves, others and the environment around them. When dealing with a disagreement or argument between children, for example in the playground, you should not allow yourself to be drawn into any bickering. Remember that as an elder in the school environment, you will be looked to as a role model. If others, in these case adults, feel more comfortable in our company, are more likely to communicate effectively, building, in this way a good relationship in any situation and occasion. Communication can differ among different ages and stages of development; the younger children may have difficulties such as speech problems which in older children this may have already been noticed and addressed. Younger children, as they have just started school need more assistance and support in order to make them feel safe and comfortable. If you find yourself in a position where someone confides in you, it is important to remember that there are some situations in which you will need to tell others. Setting Behaviour Policy 3. If you attend meetings or need to be told about confidential items you should make sure that you let others know your obligations.

Sometimes this can be a more effective way as while the children are concentrating on doing that for you they are also calm and not getting wound up again trying to explain to you. Children need support from the adults in their lives to interpret and express their needs in ways that are appropriate to the situation and environment.

1 how can you establish respectful professional relationships with adults

If not our actions will have a negative impact on them. It is important for the adults to set a good example to the children. Pages: 9 Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals.

Negative behavior can impact those around you, and make for an uncomfortable working environment for all involved. Another way of establishing a respectful relationship is if they no they can trust you. So they would see you in a positive way. Section 1 links to assessment criteria 1. Some behaviours regarded as challenging are simply age appropriate behaviour. Asking the advice of an impartial adult can also help to get an unbiased review of the situation, and how to progress from it. They even learn from each other too, but most of all us adults.
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