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Here are a few more: Cognitive Therapy Cognitive therapy is a branch of psychotherapy that focuses on helping patients solve current problems so they can change negative behaviors.

We encourage students to seek out opportunities specific to their interests and needs. Each area has a colloquium series in which researchers lead discussions on selected topics in the area of specialization.

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New areas are also becoming available in recent years and most schools offer a variety of concentrations. Three of its universities dominate the top five spots in global rankings, while 12 of the 15 top universities for the subject are based within the country. Concentration Areas Psychology students have a variety of concentration areas to choose from at the graduate level. The closing date for applications and the dates for selection are determined annually by the Department. The number of students allowed into the programme is determined by the availability of staff, the availability of internships and market demands. If you are registered for 18 credits e. Let's take a look at things you might want to consider before switching to pursue psychology in grad school. Most psycholinguists work as teachers or researchers at universities, but depending on their training and certifications, they may also work with hospitals, in private practice or as speech therapists. Coursework Options Undergraduate psychology is not direct preparation for a licensed profession and does not have a standard program-level accreditation or curriculum.

They provide the core content necessary for a student to become an effective scholar and researcher in the area of specialization. However, as a program, we reserve the right to approve all outside clinical and research experiences to ensure that students are gaining quality experiences in a learning environment and are not at risk for any liability issues.

Substance Abuse Counselor Professionals in this career work with individuals struggling with addiction, with the ultimate goal of helping patients break those behaviors so they can lead fulfilling lives. Marriage and family therapists hold a graduate degree in the field plus at least two years of hands-on clinical experience.

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As an added benefit, many master's psychology degree programs are now offered online. Some of the most common prerequisites needed for admission to psychology graduate programs include: Statistics. Doctoral Dissertation An independent research dissertation is the central element of the PhD in clinical psychology.

Students will be paired with a faculty mentor beginning in their first year although most students choose to work with the same faculty mentor throughout their tenure, some students do change mentors as their interests change and develop.

The programme consists of a research component completion of a minor dissertation as well as attending workshops, contact sessions and practical work. Your undergraduate psychology program can allow you to do a good deal more than just get your prerequisites in. Many programs require students to complete an internship and write a thesis in order to graduate, as these may be requirements for certification.

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The level of assistance you receive in finding appropriate placements will vary.

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