Comparing and contrasting martin luther and john calvin

Baptism, for him, did not effectually save anyone. That castle church was in Wittenberg Germany and the monk was none other than the critically-acclaimed Martin Luther.

Comparing and contrasting martin luther and john calvin

Luther, at least in the paintings of his more mature years, is corpulent and plump with a wide chest. In accordance with his father's wishes, Luther prepared to enroll in law school at the University of Erfurt as soon as he graduated from university.

InLuther was involved in a controversy which involved indulgences. Thanks to the sweat, blood and tears of Luther, Calvin inherited a rich theological legacy which he was able to cultivate.

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Sanctification is focused on the changes of life and the personality of the Holy Spirit. As we Protestants love to recall, it was around this very date on 31st October when an insignificant Augustinian monk revolutionized European history by nailing his 95 theses to the door of a castle church.

Although they were both against the Roman Catholic Church, they brought about Martin Luther founded the group that are today known as Lutherans.

Nevertheless, the prism through which they interpreted the Evangel was not exactly identical. Calvin certainly believed this just as much as Luther; but he was at pains to emphasize that justification of faith can only take second place.

He won followers because his mind was solely concentrated upon the glory of God.

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Luther said in his explanation of the Ten Commandments, only when we fear, love, and trust in God, can we keep the Ten Commandments. The discrepancy was not so much a matter of content as it was of emphasis.

He appears to us as a rather frail man, extremely thin and almost corpse-like to use Dr.

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10 differences between Martin Luther and John Calvin