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It helps to evaluate the success of a business against benchmarks.

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Step 2: Analyse and Engage With The Case For a top band business report response, the marking criteria explicitly states that students must: Makes effective use of the information provided, demonstrating extensive knowledge and understanding relevant to the question In simple terms, refer to the case as much as possible.

Follow the logic of the report, and concisely state the themes you developed in the body. A market forecast is a core component of a market analysis projecting the future numbers, characteristics, and trends in your target market.

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That is the only way you will improve and better appreciate the amazingly practical and nuanced text type that is the business report. Keep your writing tone simple and to-the-point. Point — Attack the question and pinpoint what your overall answer will be, akin to a mini thesis.

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Use research findings to adapt and learn from your own weaknesses whilst capitalising on your new-found knowledge from competitor analysis to take advantage and forge ahead of the pack.

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How to Write a Business Report Conclusion