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Fittingly, Sordello is about a poet who never quite makes it in the world. It is a blank verse poem consisting of twelve volumes and 21, lines.

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Much of Browning's education came from his well-read father. The poem is composed of twelve dramatic monologues, in which the major characters give their interpretations of the crime.

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At that time, Barrett was an invalid confined to her room by a nervous disorder. Today, through his influence on Ezra Pound — and T.

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That might explain a bit the success of The Ring and the Book, because it's all like this. Through the dramatic monologue — a poetic genre Browning developed from the s onwards, along with Tennyson though working independently of him — Browning makes his characters come to life by confiding in us, the reader, and making us feel personally addressed. In 'Porphyria's Lover,' the speaker actually strangles his lover with her own hair. This long poem is based on a murder and subsequent trial in Rome, Italy, in In various voices it narrates the trial of Count Guido Franceschini of Rome who murdered his wife Pompilia Comparini and her parents. In he attended classes at the University of London but left after half a session. Meredith is a prose Browning, and so is Browning. Such works as "My Last Duchess," "Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister," and "The Bishop Orders His Tomb" are poems in which the reader is given the pleasure of discovering more about the speaker than he understands about himself. In , Elizabeth died in Florence. But it did receive several favorable critical reviews. Fact Check We strive for accuracy and fairness. In , the Brownings had a son, whom Robert Browning educated. The couple moved to Florence, Italy.

Ah, not as a poet! During the next ten years he wrote six other plays, none of which were successfully produced. And as what will he be remembered?

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Biography of Robert Browning