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The next day, Saturday, May 2, Mayor Satrom met with other city officials and a representative of the Ohio National Guard who had been dispatched to Kent.

Several fire engine companies had to be called because protesters carried the fire hose into the Commons and slashed it. It had ended about at mid-term examinations. Map of the shootings During their climb back to Blanket Hill, several guardsmen stopped and half-turned to keep their eyes on the students in the Prentice Hall parking lot.

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Jesus Christ, I don't want to be a part of this Guard officials announced an immediate curfew and demanded that the crowd disperse. They, along with the rest of the American public, found out about the invasion when President Nixon addressed the nation on television two days later. In , FBI director J. The shooting was determined to have lasted only 13 seconds, although John Kifner reported in The New York Times that "it appeared to go on, as a solid volley, for perhaps a full minute or a little longer. Tompkins, Phillip K. Back at the site of the shootings, ambulances had arrived and emergency medical attention had been given to the students who had not died immediately. These books have the advantage of a broader historical perspective than the earlier books, but no single book can be considered the definitive account of the events and aftermath of May 4, l at Kent State University. In the much longer and more complex federal civil trial of , a jury voted that none of the Guardsmen were legally responsible for the shootings. The Kent State tragedy must mark the last time that, as a matter of course, loaded rifles are issued to guardsmen confronting student demonstrators. Mayor Satrom, under pressure from frightened citizens, ordered a curfew until further notice. Then they fired. He argues that the Guard conspired to fire upon the students.

Guard officials announced an immediate curfew and demanded that the crowd disperse. They're the worst type of people that we harbor in America. The decision to bring the Ohio National Guard onto the Kent State University campus was directly related to decisions regarding American involvement in the Vietnam War.

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Haldeman, a top aide to President Richard Nixon, suggests the shootings had a direct impact on national politics. Here they remained for about 10 minutes, unsure of how to get out of the area short of retracing their path.

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Nixon authorizes invasion of Cambodia, April 28, After speaking with other city officials, Satrom asked Governor Rhodes to send the Ohio National Guard to Kent in an attempt to calm tensions in the area.

He stumbled and fell, to where he was running towards the car.

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Alan Canfora said it was premature to reach any conclusions. Nixon had been elected in due in large part to his promise to end the Vietnam War.

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Each May 4 from to , the Kent State University administration sponsored an official commemoration of the shootings. New York: Review Book. The book has a strong bias, but it provides the only detailed analysis of this long and important trial. Hensley, Thomas R. At Kent State University, an anti-war rally was held at noon on the Commons, a large, grassy area in the middle of campus which had traditionally been the site for various types of rallies and demonstrations. Kent State University. However, this event marked the culmination of escalating tensions between Kent State students, the surrounding community of Kent, Ohio, and members of the Ohio National Guard, who were dispatched to the area to assist local authorities after a state of emergency was declared on May 1, Another student tried to pull him behind the car, bullets were coming through the windows of the car. A series of articles by noted peace activist Paul Hare as well as many Kent State faculty members. This was never done, but the widespread assumption among both Guard and University officials was that a state of martial law was being declared in which control of the campus resided with the Guard rather than University leaders and all rallies were banned. The Guard then began retracing their steps from the practice football field back up Blanket Hill.

Many guardsmen later testified that they were in fear for their lives, which was questioned partly because of the distance between them and the students killed or wounded.

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Kent State National Guard Shootings