An analysis of the modernization of north america in the 1920s

I want only to make the case that Latin America created its own modernity, and that this can be seen in the particular model of the nation state and republican rule that the region developed.

roaring 20s

The thrift institutions also experienced good growth in the twenties as they helped fuel the housing construction boom of the decade. Despite the increasing popularity of Negro culture, virulent white racism, often by more recent ethnic immigrants, continued to impact African-American communities.

Overview of the 1920s

Consumer prices fell Hybrid seed corn increased yields from an average of 40 bushels per acre to to bushels per acre. Latin America contributed something different. Large numbers of recordings labeled under these styles gave rise to a generation of famous recording and radio artists. In manufacturing, as described above, electrification contributed to a remarkable rise in productivity. It has been said that in the "ongoing war of resistance" the region is one of the last important bastions, fighting globalization both from above and below. Barnouw, ; Rosen, and ; Chester-Garrison, It soon took over as the prime advertising medium and in the process revolutionized advertising.

Keller, In the generation of electricity, larger steam plants employing higher temperatures and steam pressures continued to reduce coal consumption per kilowatt hour.

Yet, in the matter of virtue and ethics, they also took Montesquieu to heart, and crafted their conception of the American nation upon ethical principles. The evidence in the case suggested that the firms were not very successful at doing so, but the court found that they were guilty nevertheless; their success, or lack thereof, was not held to be a factor in the decision.

1920s lifestyle

The number of bank suspensions and the suspension rate fell after These developments brought about changes in the energy industries.

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The Modernization of America Essay