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The age of industrialization was also the age of exploitation—of people, land, and resources—and while many benefited from the results, many also suffered. The first one deals with the general understanding of the teenagers in general. On one occasion she had to escort a young woman back to her residence in one of the city's worst slums.

1865 to 1900 technology

Families with five or more children were crammed into tiny two-room spaces, often with only a blanket over a cord providing any degree of privacy for the adults. Library of Congress, Washington, D. Renewed in and made permanent in , this is the first retreat from America's policy of extending a warm welcome to all. Terror to reinforce the message is never far away. As technology—machinery, irrigation, fertilization—made farming more efficient it became increasingly difficult for farmers to make a living. To assimilate the Indians into American society, reformers set up training programs and schools, such as the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, that produced many prominent Indian leaders. When that great building boom subsided, the immigrants remained. I do, however, have two quibbles with the text. Social Darwinism - This principle formed by Charles Darwin detailed "survival of the fittest". The War Between Capital and Labor Because we live in an age in which workers are protected by federal and state laws as well as by sound business practices, it is hard for us to imagine a time when workers—especially unskilled, often immigrant workers—were completely at the mercy of their employers. They also dealt with city hall and did their best to cut red tape. Even the 15th Amendment is cunningly subverted.

With these new territories, and a navy which has excelled in the war, the USA. The most famous of these workers was Jane Addams, whose Hull House in Chicago offered both classical academic and practical education to anyone who lived in the slums.

Unlike blacks, the Chinese were excluded from immigration afterwhile many other Asians were limited in the numbers that could legally immigrate, and none were allowed to become citizens.

the rise of industrial america 1865-1900

In addition, in the south, anyone who voluntarily took up arms in the Confederate cause during the Civil War is now disenfranchised. Of those theories, Communism was the most attractive to the mass of workers who labored in daily to make America wealthy, but who controlled few of the benefits of that wealth.

Anti-Imperialists Figures such as Carnegie, Mark Twain, and university presidents voiced their disagreements with imperialism.

1865 to 1900 timeline

It has been speculated that her work on The Rape of Nanking, the story of the brutal treatment of Chinese women by Japanese soldiers during World War II, may have contributed to her death. It is very difficult to prove a negative in such circumstances. He pushed for labor legislation, but only as a secondary goal. But this is money spent on the war, not the cost of the destruction of buildings and of industrial and agricultural capacity. He used the power of the strike carefully as a weapon to hurt profits and force stockholders to pressure management. He served as president after Lincold; made own reconstruction plan. In addition the planters now have to pay wages to the former slaves working their plantations, and the amount of work which can be extracted from them is much reduced. Some separate women's unions did exist, and they sought special legislation for female workers, etc.

Railroads were evolving everywhere and as a result the Steel industry started to rise

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The Gilded Age: