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Gray, I; Lawrence G.

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Melbourne: Monash University ePress; The level of imputation credit and interest received is also well below the average.

Post-treatment complications, after the "tourist" has left the facility. The occupational characteristics of Gingin are dominated by agriculture with one-third of all workers having jobs in this sector sheep and wheat farming are obvious employers but there is also a crayfish farm.

Forster, C. Finally, Greenough, near Geraldton in Western Australia has grown due to the outward expansion of Geraldton. This allows them to learn new cultures and become more friendly and social. These are likely to be places that have tended to have an association with old-economy manufacturing-based employment, but are not quite as disadvantaged as the most disadvantaged places in our cities. Commensurately, the wealth-belt also has low levels of people employed in old-economy industries and on the whole there are few people with low levels of education. Conversely the group also has low proportions the lowest of any group of new-economy workers and people classified as educated professionals. Peel, M. While rental financial stress is slightly above average The point is that it is necessary to consider the range of outcomes occurring in non-metropolitan cities and towns. It is now part of the Adelaide metropolitan area, being swallowed up by the northern push of urban sprawl. Employment in these places reflects the broad service role and population-based functions of these places.

The country and many industries would immediately start to lose money from their investment. Its industry base is focused on manufacturing with several large companies located herebut also includes timber, beef and dairy cattle.

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Try to be aware of them on your next vacation so they don't happen. ABS figures indicate that those employed in the mining sector are among the highest paid in the nation. Disadvantage is not something often associated with the wealth-belt localities. The other significant employer is the mass goods and services sector which accounts for 22 per cent of employment.

As an open, well- regulated economy with a highly skilled workforce, Australia enjoys an international reputation for innovation. While the national unemployment rate was 7.

The seven groups can be divided into three groups of advantaged places and four groups of disadvantaged places. People and Place ; 3: pp. Often, states seek to preserve the most beautiful and attractive places for tourists by creating national parks and reserves. Other places, according to Salt p. Disadvantage is not something often associated with the wealth-belt localities. Across industry sectors mass goods and services account for a large share of employment. What is most notable about this group of localities is the above average level of disadvantaged families including single-parent families and non-earner families. These are places that have been hit hard by the de-industrialisation process that has in the past adversely impacted on South Australia more generally. The other distinguishing characteristic is the level of mortgage financial stress which is also above the average.
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