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The expert is intuitive and innovative, adapting to his or her environment seamlessly. Still, the proficient learner is still learning, and they will utilize their ongoing experiences in the field to further adapt their own perceptions and actions later in their nursing career.

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The advance practice nurses should provide consultation to both colleagues and clients and have a vision for nursing practice within the context of the health care system. Higher level practice in nursing: the making of a profession.

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Nurse practitioners are situated to provide greater access to high quality, reasonable cost care if allowed by state regulations to practice to the fullest extent of their knowledge and skills. A clinical nurse specialist is an advanced practice nurse, usually with a Master of Science in Nursing. During the s, the nurse practitioners requirements relaxed to include continuing education programs, which helped accommodate the demand for NPs. During this stage, the nursing student goes beyond simply recognizing patterns to more holistic perception of how and where to acquire the skills needed for nursing in the field. In the U. Strategies to Increase Research-based Practice. This paper examines various issues relating to the field of advanced practice nursing in relation to the critical role it plays in the modern healthcare sector. There are also a number of role concepts mentioned in the texts. Rather than wait any longer, the APN took charge and made a decision that helped save the patient's life.

I know it is important to work more on my skills with patients so that I can work with them to implement the most successful health strategies. The general practitioner, long a staple for primary care in suburban and rural communities, was slowly disappearing from the health care landscape.

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As well, legislation and regulation should protect the titles nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, and advanced practice nurse.

The learner is finally able to draw on lessons and experiences he or she has gained in the past and use them in entirely new circumstances to come up with unique solutions. Throughout the nursing history it is the professionalization that has been a driving force for change Barker. Gunderson Florida Gulf Coast University Advanced Practice Nursing: Development, Challenges, and Trends There is an increased need for primary care providers in the United States, as insurance coverage is expanding and the population is aging.

Their assessment skills tend to be more focused than nurse practitioners, since they focus on a particular area of specialty.

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