A plot summary of mark twains adventures of huckleberry finn

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On the afternoon of the first performance, a drunk called Boggs is shot dead by a gentleman named Colonel Sherburn; a lynch mob forms to retaliate against Sherburn; and Sherburn, surrounded at his home, disperses the mob by making a defiant speech describing how true lynching should be done. Huck ends up in the home of the kindly Grangerfords, a family of Southern aristocrats locked in a bitter and silly feud with a neighboring clan, the Shepherdsons. The scam involves getting all the men in the town to come to a show with promises of great entertainment. At first Huck enjoys the cabin life, but after receiving frequent beatings, he decides to escape. Instead of obeying his guardians, however, Huck sneaks out of the house at night to join Tom Sawyer's gang and pretend that they are robbers and pirates. In Illinois and on Jackson's Island[ edit ] Pap forcibly moves Huck to his isolated cabin in the woods along the Illinois shoreline. After overhearing the Widow's plan to sell him to a slave trader, Jim ran away. Soon afterwards, Huck returns to the town disguised as a girl in order to gather some news. Although a local doctor admires Jim's decency, he has Jim arrested in his sleep and returned to the Phelps. The younger man, who is about thirty, introduces himself as the long-lost son of an English duke the Duke of Bridgewater. Jim is not deceived for long, and is deeply hurt that his friend should have teased him so mercilessly. A steamboat crashes into their raft and Jim and Huck are separated again. Tired of his confinement and fearing the beatings will worsen, Huck escapes from Pap by faking his own death, killing a pig and spreading its blood all over the cabin. And to wrap things up just a little more neatly, it turns out that the dead guy from the island was Huck's dad, so that loose plot point is all tied up; plus, Huck still has all the money he found at the end of Tom Sawyer.

Huck is given shelter on the Kentucky side of the river by the Grangerfords, an "aristocratic" family. At one point, an entire house floats past them as they stand near the shore.

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Pap steals Huck away from the Widow's house and takes him to a log cabin. Huck immediately pretends to be Tom. Before the duke and the king can complete their plan, the real brothers arrive.

This realism was the source of controversy that developed concerning the book in the late 20th century. Tom Sawyer searches him out and convinces him to return home by promising to start a band of robbers. When Tom wakes the next morning, he reveals that Jim has actually been a free man all along, as Miss Watson, who made a provision in her will to free Jim, died two months earlier.

A plot summary of mark twains adventures of huckleberry finn

In the middle of a strong thunderstorm, they see a steamboat that has crashed, and Huck convinces Jim to land on the boat. Huckleberry Finn is the main character, and through his eyes, the reader sees and judges the South, its faults, and its redeeming qualities. Meanwhile, the girls treat Huck so nicely that he vows to protect them from the con men's scheme. The girls are so happy to see their "uncles" that they do not realize they are being swindled. Just in time: Huck's deadbeat dad shows up and demands the money. They are later separated in a fog, making Jim intensely anxious, and when they reunite, Huck tricks Jim into thinking he dreamed the entire incident. Luckily, the house is owned by none other than Tom Sawyer's Aunt Sally. Pun intended. Fortunately for the sisters, the gold is found. Through all of the adventures down the river, Huck learns a variety of life lessons and improves as a person. When he wakes up, the situation is out of his hands.

He settles comfortably, on Jackson's Island. Together, he and Huck contrive a plan to help Jim escape from his "prison," an outdoor shed. To divert public suspicion from Jim, they pretend he is a runaway slave who has been recaptured, but later paint him blue and call him the "Sick Arab" so that he can move about the raft without bindings.

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Huck is kidnapped by Pap, his drunken father. Amid the chaos, Huck runs back to Jim, and together they start downriver again.

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When Huck escapes, he then immediately encounters Jim "illegally" doing the same thing. When he wakes up, the situation is out of his hands. The treatments both of them receive are radically different, especially with an encounter with Mrs. Huck then reveals all to the eldest Wilks sister, Mary Jane. Both novels are set in the town of St. As Jim and Huck continue floating downstream, they become close friends. He decides that helping Jim escape is the right thing to do—even if he goes to "hell" for it—but, unfortunately for Jim, it's not up to Huck. Finding civilized life confining, his spirits are raised somewhat when Tom Sawyer helps him to escape one night past Miss Watson's slave Jim , to meet up with Tom's gang of self-proclaimed "robbers.
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