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In the next lines, Othello compares himself to a toad living in a dungeon, as if he has begun to suspect that his blackness makes him a loathsome animal, somehow less than human. Quotation is neatly woven into the argument. He controls Rodrigo and ultimately destroys his reputation as well as influences Cassio when he is depressed You must relate your discussion to relevant contextual factors and ideas from your critical reading. It is true that when he strikes her there are reminders of his valour and virtue in Lodovico's surprise that he could have misjudged Othello's character so greatly in thinking him good, but these reminders simply intensify the repugnance felt at Othello's actions. But in Act IV, he crumbles. That jealously drives characters to make choices that lead to the death Desdemona, Othello, Iago, Emilia and Roderigo. UCLES 4. Rodrigo believes that Iago is loyal to Othello and has not been keeping up his end of the bargain due to his lack of information

AS and A-level English Literature B ; Aspects of tragedy - exemplar student response and commentary Below you will find an exemplar student response to a Section B question in the specimen assessment materials, followed by an examiner commentary on the response.

Leave a comment Hi there! If a woman disagrees with a man 's opinion or something that he says she is allowed to voice her disagreement. Iago is an anti-life force that seeks anarchy, death and darkness.

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AO1 The response is well structured and the task is always in the candidate's mind. No matter what her husband does she always forgive her husband. Examiner commentary This is a very confident and accomplished response, and although the ideas are a bit overpacked at times and the argument a little overdone, the candidate writes in an assured way. While we might anticipate Desdemona to be entirely submissive, Shakespeare initially constructs her character to be held in high esteem by her male peers. Othello has been said to be of the most touching and intimate of Shakespeare tragedies. If Othello is found foul in her report, he says, the Duke should not only take away his trust and office but that sentence should fall upon his life. This response seems consistent with the band 5 descriptors.

Why is this reading of the play so terrifying? Iago has been selfish and takes it upon himself to get revenge against Othello. Maria x.

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I expect this essay to reflect the amount of time that we have spent discussing possible content.

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