1000 years from now

We will be able to foretell future cosmological occurrences that can affect the Earth, and the repercussions that any those events could incur for humankind.

Will his overly-positive predictions win out to restore the planet Earth, or will the technology only be more waste to add to the heap?

100 years from now

One day soon, Ray says, you will not be able to tell the difference between human and artificial intelligence. So far, possible planets to live on that we have discovered are too far out of our reach, which brings us to our next section on the list.

World after 1000 years from now essay

He believes that we will meet our projected energy needs by , with the development of these new technologies. Scotese, a new subduction zone will open in the Atlantic Ocean and the Americas will begin to converge back toward Africa. Sounds like something straight out of a science fiction book, only better, if it proves to be true. About climate changes: how to support a rapidly growing population in respect to food, fuel and natural resources? Many pessimists foresee the worst many doubt we will even survive another 1, years. Eventually, however, all multicellular life will die out. As water evaporates from the Earth's surface, rocks harden, causing plate tectonics to slow and eventually stop. Ray believes that we will soon be able to alter our own DNA with emerging technology in order to withstand space travel, as DNA does not fare well in space. By doing so, we will be able to take farther and farther journeys out into space. Who can keep it from spinning off its axis like a marble shot out of bounds on the play yard? One day soon, Ray says, you will not be able to tell the difference between human and artificial intelligence.

Yet curious people do wonder, and certain people like Ray Kurzweil thought by many to be the Thomas Edison of today spend all their time working to find the answers. From then on, it will become gradually cooler while its luminosity will continue to increase.

earth 5000 years from now

By changing our DNA, Ray believes that farther and farther space travel will be possible. Were this to happen, life, assuming it survived the interstellar journey, could potentially continue for far longer.

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Timeline of the far future